` CoMPaRaTiVe ReLiGiON...


Gene of Three(3) HuMaNs, X & Y CHroMoSoMes 23 PaiRs.
Gen-I-Sis... Gene-O-Logy Of ISis, OSiRis & HoRus.
GeNeoLoGy ( ORi-GeN ) Of ThRee(3) ( TriX (3.),TRiNiTy(3) DuaLiTy(2),Unity(1).
Man,Woman & Child.
MaDRe De DioS/MoTHeR Of GOD.BLaCK MaDDoNa & CHiLD...









We ARe STuDeNTs Of CoMPaRaTiVe ReLiGioN.
Orthodox.Twelve Tribes Of Is-Ra-EL (Isis Ra & EL), BoBo Ashanti.
JaMaiCaN BLaCK PoWeR LiBeRaTioN DeViNaTioN.
CathoLic (Cat is HoLy,UniVerSaL,CaT WorShip)
European RaCiaL DiViNaTioN.
YaHuDaHisM, YHWH, TeTra- GRaMMaToN
JeWs, KaZaRs,
HasHKiNaziM, ZeoNisM,ZioNisT,TribaL DeViNaTioN
ALLaH & WiFe ALLaT .
Arabic TRibaLISM Ancestral DeViNaTioN (worship).
AnnuNaKii - ELoheeM YaHWeH, JaH-O-VaH,GoD & JeSuS - ALLaH & ALLaT ...
GoD, GaD, YoD,
JahZeuS,HeZues,IouSuS, Jesus
SaTaN , NaTaS,NaKKasH,KaNNaNaSH, HaYLaL, HuMBaBa,The DeViL.

DataBase will be Linked To All These Topics Of DiSCuSSioNs.

Now, is the source of devine wisdom talking to us all the time ?
Is it just a matter of who is listening?
How can I have that convesation with the Source Of DeVine WisDoM ?
Is it that, If you did not DownLoad it, Then you thought
the information you're recieving is too good to be true?
NeaLe Donald Walsh...author..."Our RoLe In EvoLution..."


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